Sundeck is a full-service brand & digital design studio with presence in Auckland and Dubai, for companies with a big heart, reasonable budget and a drive to create something remarkable.

No big words

—Just good work

We believe in power of good design and honest business practices, and that has our clients coming back to us since 2011.

In the world of mega-corps, ad agency groups that love long meetings and tiring slide decks, we do things differently, by actually caring for our clients’ business, budget, time and contributing to their success.

We are a modern age brand and web design studio, partnering with future-first businesses. With a sharp focus on efficiency, high quality work, and a goal to bring maximum results for your investment. The plan is simple, to create experiences that makes your competitors jealous and customers rave about your brand.
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Combine craft with good design and best-in-class technology to create digital experiences that make your competitors jealous and customers talk about your brand. In a good way of course.

Digital Products
+ Web Design

Business & Marketing Websites

Your website is your number one sales tool that works for you 24/7 across the globe. We craft award-winning experiential websites that your customers love and rave about. We specialise in experiential brand and marketing websites that stand-out in today’s competitive digital landscape and increase your brand value on digital forefront.

Design Systems

A comprehensive design library and system for your digital platform and presence, that’s scalable and grows with your business. A design system enables your business to deliver a cohesive digital experience your customers and staying on brand across all touch points.

We build design systems as a one-off product. For large-scale platforms we offer an evolving design system service with retainer contracts.

SaaS Product Design

Whether you are building a mega platform or a medium scale SaaS product, we have the expertise and experience in crafting end-to-end user experience and journey for complex platforms, coupled with beautifully designed UI and Design system that scales as your platform grows.

Get in touch to see some large scale SaaS platforms we’ve designed in Australia and New Zealand.

Digital Products
UI / UX Design
PWA & Web Platforms

Web Deve/opment

A well crafted design comes to life with a well-developed clean code. Code to us is poetry. We are passionate about and specialise in developing high-performance brand websites. That not only look good but load in milliseconds from anywhere in the world.

Our front-end engineering specialise in buttery-smooth animation techniques, neat UI and working closely with our back-end engineers to make sure it’s well optimised and highly secure. To bring this all to life, we work with the best in class tech-stack and web platforms.

Webflow Development
Wordpress Development
Shopify E-Commerce
Custom Web Development
Headless Web Development
Managed Hosting
Server-less static hosting
Digital asset management

Launch & Love

Launching your brand website is the beginning of the journey. We follow a launch and love approach with on going maintenance, technical support and updates. This way your digital presence is always up to date, well-maintained, 24/7 monitored with updated content and regular performance optimisation and security checks.

Brand Experience

Brand Concept

We build brand narrative and concept from ground up. During this phase, we also do market and competitor analysis to find creative ways to have your brand stand out.

Brand Identity Design

Followed by concept design. We build brand identity, logo, colours and overall visual personality of the brand. A well-designed brand adds business value and enables your business standout in a competitive market. Our end-goal is always to create brands that customers can relate to and talk about.

Brand manual
Campaign website
Logo and Naming
Typography & Colour palette
Marketing assets