District 7 Residential

Location: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Real estate
Year: 2019


A new multiuse living concept was about to launch, located in a purpose built and themed master plan where the community is themed around sports and includes innovate living (residential) space, sports-oriented businesses and healthcare as well as sports, leisure and community/social oriented amenities and assets.

What we did

Brand naming & identity
Brand story
Direction of Photography
Campaign concept
Marketing collaterals
Website design

Bringing the essence of the seven emirates of the UAE into a premium-class modern residential living concept.

The residential district is divided into 7 blocks, each representing one of the emirates, redefining the concept of luxurious lifestyle. The district facilitates, the residents with health and fitness venues, a central park, hospitals, commercial office units, supermarkets, a golf course and state of the art interiors for the residential units.

Located facing the Arabian Gulf and stunning panoramic sea views as well as the sparkling Dubai skyline on the other side of the district.

Identity and color palette inspired by materials and textures used in the construction space
Spacial and directional signage

Advertising campaign concept
Live the seven senses

The concept of District 7 is to bring the essence of each of the 7 Emirates of UAE together but along with that the campaign plays on the lines of 7 human senses. The residential experience, touches on each of the 7 human senses