Branding the future of human flight

Location: Dubai, UAE
Type: Government entity
Industry: Sports & aviation
Year: 2015 — 2018
Filming: Dubai film
Parent organization: XDubai

Background & scope

Sundeck's lead creative was appointed by Dubai government to craft the creative and branding for world's first autonomous flight under the brand name Jetman.

The challenge was to turn a technological invention in aviation into a brand. Scope of work included:

Brand concept development
Identity design
Apparel and Jetman suits
Flight gear and helicopter branding
Digital content direction
Website design

Creative challenge

There were a couple of challenging aspects in this project. First being ‘Jetman’ one of its kind of a brand with no competitor in that time or to benchmark against. The closest industry to it was the aviation industry however, it was the first of its kind of technology where a human could fly with a wing on its back.

The second challenging aspect that we discovered after several meetings with the inventor Yves Rossy and Jetman team was that there was no specific shape to the wing that could be used as a symbol. The wing was ever evolving which means we had to come up with a generic symbol that denotes the idea of ‘flight’ or a wing rather than having a specific shape to it.

We wanted to design a symbol that defines the idea of a human flight, yet not constrained to a specific wing shape and could stand the test of time and trends.

Identity & brand mark

Brand mark that can be timeless and stay relevant as the design of the Jetman wing evolves over the years.

The creative challenge was to create a brandmark that is future-proof, represents the futuristic brand and is timeless in co-relation to the shape and design of the wing which is evolving every year.

A brand experience made to fly. Timeless branding that goes beyond traditional touch-points and made to news headlines.

Digital experience across social media and website


The Takeoff 2020

The brand impact