Rebranding 40 years of Barakat legacy

Location: Dubai, UAE
Industry: FMCG / Fresh Produce / Ecommerce
Partner agencies: Yellow, John Brown
Year: 2021

The project

Barakat fresh a legacy brand from Dubai, UAE with 40+ years in fresh produce industry Barakat is UAE's largest fresh product brand.

In 2020 Barakat initiated a re-branding task to give the brand a fresher look to tap into the younger audience. The rebranding initiative also included digitising the brand, with e-commerce, online delivery, new mobile app and social media activations.

Along with adding new digital touch points, we also rebranding the existing touch points including, packaging, identity, digital ads and more.

Barakat had already established its brand value over the last many decades. The re-brand only further accelerated the brand value and opened the doors to young millennials age group