WatchMyi — Dubai Film Production Agency

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Location: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Web 3.0
Year: 2022
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Watchmyi is revolutionising digital content and marketing industry in the Web 3.0 space. Enabling their clients to create their mark in the digital world. WatchMyI partnered with us to create their digital and web experience as a part of their brand launch in Dubai, UAE.
Kiwi Web Design Company Sundeck Studio

Merging the physical art and auction experience with a digital web 3.0 based experience. Where users can bit, auction, sell and buy exclusive-to-members art pieces as well as get member-only perks and access. All done via digital tokens and licenses.

Kiwi Web Design Company Sundeck Studio

Brands can request a full range of production and content creation services including digital content, NFTs and Digital experiences as a part of their future marketing and leap into web 3.0 experiences.

Kiwi Web Design Company Sundeck Studio

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