Community care & sustainability

Led by design, driven by data, focussed on the mission to uplift the wider community around us.

Creative volunteering

As part of creative volunteering to wide design community, Sundeck offers free-of-cost creative mentorship for designers at the beginning of their career, as well as for design students around the world.

Support for Kiwi kids

For every individual project, regardless of the size and budget, Sundeck contributes to ‘KidsCan New Zealand’ helping Kiwi kids affected by poverty. Helping tamariki (children) by providing food, jackets, shoes and health products to schools and early childhood centres across New Zealand.


For our web hosting servers we partner with Google that matches 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality.

Alongside, we donate to plant one tree for every paid project that we complete.

Second part of our initiative is to digitize traditional businesses towards paper-less solutions.

Small businesses

If you are a small business owner in New Zealand or UAE, an entrepreneur, with big goals but limited budget. We offer special discounted rates and various payment plan options to enable small businesses to kick-start their business.

(For the moment with limited team capacity we offer this service is limited to small businesses in New Zealand and UAE)

Support road-map

For the students

We believe in identifying early-talent. Student and under-grads who work in various part time jobs on minimum wage, but have interest in working in design, digital product and branding are always welcomed to apply for well-paid apprenticeship and internships with us.

By the end of an apprenticeship the students walk out with a solid professional experience, a design portfolio, and real-life industry experience that counts for their future professional career.

For the gender pay gap

In 2022, research has shown men earn on average 10% more than women in New Zealand, and about 20-40% more in the Middle east, the two regions where we cater to most of our clients.

We work towards improving this score by working with more women creatives and women-led businesses.