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At an intersection of design and technology, we craft bespoke digital and brand experiences that resonate with your audience, adding brand value and setting your digital and brand presence as the industry benchmark.
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Our ethos

No big words, just good work.

We don’t do big flashy words, unnecessary meetings, and going in circles. Rather, we invest that effort into producing top-notch work that speaks for itself and for our clients.

Honesty and transparency

From day-one we have been in business of honesty. With our clients, contracts, deliverables and work ethics, we are honest and transparent. This has helped us and our clients build a two-way trust and form long-term partnerships. When you work with us, you exactly know what you are getting from day one. No hidden contracts and clause. Just straight up clear and friendly communication.

Support beyond contracts

We see each project as a business partnership so we go above and beyond to support our clients in the journey of brand and digital transformation. Our client relationships do not stop at the end of the contract. We like to keep an on-going client-agency relationship for years to come, and produce work that makes your competitors jealous.

Actually care

We are beyond flowery words and corporate talks that a lot of organizations use to win clients. A simple rule of working at Sundeck studio is to actually care. Care for the clients, the business, our colleagues, our environment and the planet. Care for each other, ourselves and our people. Care for the work we produce and be proud of what we create together.

Global presence

Over a decade in the business, we partnered with ambitious business groups to create exceptional branding and web experiences.

What’s different about partnering with us

Global perspective

Having a multi disciplinary team from diverse backgrounds gives us an edge of having global perspective and create brands with an international lens.

We don’t do everything

Unlike a gazillion full-service agencies our approach is different. We offer a handful of services but we specialise in it and do them right.

No mass production

In the world that loves more. We do it the opposite way. We take only a fixed number of projects every year. This way each of our clients receive undivided attention and dedicated resources producing best-in-class work.

Holistic brand view

We look at businesses as a living character and craft brand experiences that can work across all touch-points. Even when you appoint us just as your web design agency, we keep your over-all brand persona in consideration.


When you work with Sundeck, you can expect a constant line of communication. It is usually a weekly or fortnightly progress review and discussion of ideas.

Tailored approach

We don’t use the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we understand each project's requirement and recommend the best fit of technology and design language that works.

The story behind Sundeck Studio™

“After over a decade of working  with clients and agencies in 3 continents, from Dubai government to New Zealand’s best agencies and tech start-ups, I quickly realised that there’s a big gap between what passionate businesses deserve and what large-scale agencies offer. A more dedicated team, who truly cares about the clients’ business and brand, not a feature-factory but an efficient and fluff-free studio.

Starting Sundeck studio was years long of work, research, thinking and more, simply because we wanted to do it right. We started from a base in Dubai and expanded to New Zealand and Australia, with the same root principle, of doing business with honesty, transparency and producing the best possible results for our clients.

Unlike large scale agencies, we work with handful of clients who value top-quality work and believe in long-term business partnerships.”

Mustafa Sheikh
Founder + Design Lead

Clients who believe in us

Over a decade in the business, we partnered with ambitious business groups to create exceptional branding and web experiences.

Sustainability and volunteering

Beyond the business, at Sundeck studio we deeply care about the planet and the people around us. There are number of steps and initiatives we take in the background of each project, each step in direction of environmental sustainability and community care.
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We love a good challenge and work on projects of all shapes and sizes.

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