Legacy Fitness Brand Design New Zealand

Location: New Zealand
Industry: Health and fitness
Year: 2022


Legacy was created from the desire to offer more than just a gym floor. Unlike traditional gyms, Legacy is a space where members can work their bodies but also swim, rejuvenate and recover with its luxury health and wellness facilities.

The objective of Project Legacy was simple. Launch the brand and encourage the target market to sign up as a member. Our goal was to create branding that is edgy, contemporary and a little bit boujee - all of which are descriptors that the ambitious and successful target market can relate to.

To complete the project, the name “Legacy” was crafted. It is strong, confident and unalike other gyms that are currently in the market. To further hone in on the benefit of being the destination for total health and wellness, the tagline “Legacy - it’s a lifestyle” is peppered throughout.

What we did
Brand experience design

Brand story
Branding conept and design
Social media ads
Marketing collaterals
Creative copywriting
Brand guidelines
Design system

More than just a gym - Legacy is a one stop destination for nurturing mind, body and soul. The brand concept we created was borderless, merging one experience into another. Seamlessly.

Social media

Spatial advertising

The placement of the billboards above are in the foyer to the gym. The copy was to highlight the call to action being to book a class or lane online today.

Contrary to billboards placed in high traffic zones in public. The copy used is the “branding” type, more specifically raising awareness of Legacy’s launch and its key differences from other gyms in the marketplace.

Website design

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