Branding for Tech startups: The secret sauce for long-term success

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Starting a tech company? Awesome! Everyone’s got the same idea. But here’s the deal—no matter how groundbreaking your technology is, without a strong brand, it’s like shouting into the void. Let’s dive into why branding is crucial and how to nail it.

Why is branding for tech startups, so imporant

First off, branding isn’t just about a cool logo or name that is rememberable. It’s the tone of voice your company gives off and how your potential customers perceive your brand or product. Think of it as how your brand speaks and represents itself. A solid brand can set you apart in a crowded market, making customers trust and choose your digital product or service over others.


Key elements of branding

Branding is a vast industry. But here are some key principles of branding that every business and startup can benefit from.

Point of difference:

What makes you special? Highlight what sets your product or service apart from the competition. Maybe it’s a unique feature, superior customer service, or an innovative approach. Being local or NZ-made is not a point of difference that will help you expand beyond a small audience. Instead, look for points where your product or brand stands out against others in the competition.

Tone of voice

Define how your brand speaks, and how it communicates across all channels. It could be consistent or it could be a bit more casual over social media channels vs on emails. Make sure the tone of voice is relatable to your target audience and reflection of your business or product.

Visual identity

Time to get professional help. Hire a branding agency that specialises in tech startups or new businesses. Get a logo, color palette, typography. This should be a reflection of your tone of voice and brand values. It’s important to remember that before people read anything. They look at it. And your branding should communicate a story from the first look.

Get on digital

Even if the product is not ready. Get going on social media channels and have a stunning website or landing page reflecting what’s about to come. Build the hype around how your upcoming tech startup will be a game-changer in the industry.


Benefits of branding for tech startups

How we helped New Zealand tech startups

Over the last couple of years we partnered with varoius New Zealand and Australian tech startups, servicing them with UI/UX design as well as branding tech startups with a visual style that stands out the crowed. We worked on these brands from a holistic point of view of strategising a tone of voice, visual style guide all the way to comprehensive UI design system for their digital product. If you’re interested in learning more on how we can help your tech startup, send us a message and we can book a free no-obligation call.

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